29 Ultra Accessible Computer Games 

Nanogames are designed, from the ground up, to be very flexible, accessible and easily adapted. This enables them to meet the needs of almost any player.

Around the world these uniquely flexible Nanogames are played in homes, schools and recreational centers. Nanogames are also used as therapy activities and in Universities for OT/SLT training and Research Activities.

Top Features

  • "I have shown the site to our OTs in our rehab clinic and we are loving it" 
    Suzie Wiley, OTR 
    ACCT Program Adaptive Computer & Communication Technology

  • "I am really excited to have these games"
    - Jeanette Morgan, M Ed Homebound/Hospital Teacher

  • "Some consumers who cannot play anything else in the room are successful"
    - Leah Gardner Director of Removing Limits Through Technology Assistive Technology Program United Cerebral Palsy of North Texas
  • "Bloomin' marvellous!"

  • "I bought Nanogames for my parents...contact me when you have more games"
    Suzie USA

  • "being able to play a game competitively...is so cool"
    Gabriel Laigo, Assistive Technology Day Camp, Seattle

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Tower Blocks game playing in Single Switch mode - click video to play.